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Table 1 Overview participants

From: Next of kin’s experiences of involvement during involuntary hospitalisation and coercion

  NOK to adults (N = 20) NOK to adolescents (N = 16)
Age of interviewee 30–65 years 35–55 years
Family relations Father (1)
Mother (13)
Sister (2)
Daughter (3)
Female partner to male (1)
Parents (5)
Mother (5)
Father (1)
Age of sick family members 23–57 16–20
Type of mental health problems Psychosis/schizophrenia (majority)
Bipolar disorder
Depression/suicidal thoughts
ADHD and Asberger’s syndrom
Substance abuse problems
Anorexia nervosa
Suicidal thoughts/self harm
Psychosis/bipolar episode
Duration of problems 1–20 years One short episode - 5 years.