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Table 1 Comparison of 'standard' and 'revised' versions of information sheet, consent forms and procedures

From: Cluster randomized trial assessing the effects of rapid ethical assessment on informed consent comprehension in a low-resource setting

Consent form information Revised version Standard version
Font, style 12, power geez uni-code 1 12, power geez uni-code 1
Language Tigrigna Tigrigna
Average words per sentence 12.4 16.3
Average words per paragraph 67.1 97.8
Average sentences per paragraph 5.6 7.6
Total words 604 587
Total number of paragraphs 9 6
Number of pages Two and a half Two
Average time taken (minutes) Mean = 10 ; Median = 10 Mean = 9.6 ; Median = 10
Used narrative explanations? Yes No
Invited questions on unclear ideas or concepts Yes. Written or included in the consent form. Yes. Orally
Type of consent seeking Verbal consent Signed document
Number of days between consent taking and comprehension assessment Mean =12 days
Median =12 days
Mean = 11.9 days
Median = 12 days