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Table 1 Outcomes of MCD considered important in number (n = 9) of participants

From: Evaluation of moral case deliberation at the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate: a pilot study

Outcomes MCD T0 (baseline) T1 (intermediate) T2 (post)
I listen more seriously to others’ opinions 6 7 9
Develops my skills to analyse ethically difficult situations 8 7 9
Find more courses of actions or order to manage the ethically difficult situation 8 8 9
Gives me more courage to express my ethical standpoint 6 6 9
Better mutual understanding of each other’s reasoning and acting 9 6 9
I and my co-workers become more aware of recurring ethical situations 8 6 9
I see the ethically difficult situations from different perspectives 9 8 9
Increases awareness of my own emotions regarding ethically difficult situations 6 8 9
Develops my ability to identify the core ethical question in the difficult situations 8 7 9