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Table 4 Negative aspects of research participation, as identified by people who use drugs

From: The ethics of community-based research with people who use drugs: results of a scoping review

Citation Negative aspects of research
Barratt et al. [34] Discomfort with research; inconvenience; risk; perceived lack of impact of research findings.
Barratt et al. [34] Confidentiality and safety concerns, in particular due to criminalization of drug use.
Draus et al. [27]
Wolfe and Cohen [37]
Singer et al. [36]
Barratt et al. [34] Mistrust of experiments; fears of exploitation and objectification at the hands of investigators.
Fisher et al. [25]
NAOMI and Boyd [4]
Singer et al. [36] Stigma related to HIV/AIDS or drug use; fear of family or community rejection; misconceptions and stereotypes about drug users.