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Table 3 Research focus in studies discussing participant compensation and retention

From: The ethics of community-based research with people who use drugs: results of a scoping review

Citation Focus
COCQ-SIDA [31] The importance of effective communication with regards to compensation in research.
Draus et al. [27] The benefits of using cash payments (as opposed to other forms of compensation) to remunerate participants in research.
Festinger et al. [33] The benefits of incentive payments to increase the quality of survey answers and facilitate access to people who are normally harder to reach.
Salmon et al. [32] The importance of clarifying rules for what type of work receives honorarium (and its amount).
Seddon [28] The decision-making process by researchers who do not offer compensation based on the assumption that participants use research incentives to purchase illegal drugs.
Striley [29] The benefits of cash payments to increase the retention of people who use drugs in research.
Striley et al. [30] The decision-making process by researchers and research ethics boards who do not compensate people who use drugs for their time with cash.