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Table 1 Search terms

From: The ethics of community-based research with people who use drugs: results of a scoping review

Community based research Drug/substance use Ethics
CBR OR CBPR OR Community-Based Research* OR Community-based adj2 research* OR Cooperative behav* OR Community adj2 research* OR Participatory adj2 research* OR Collaborative research* OR Community-engaged research* OR Action research* OR Action Science OR Community Development* OR Community Organi* OR Community Partner* OR Community Particip* OR Community-led research OR Community-led OR User-led adj2 research OR User-led OR Community Collaborat* OR Collaborative inquiry OR Community Involve* OR Involving Communit* OR Community Empower* OR Empowering Communit* OR Community driven OR Community-driven OR consumer involve* OR involving consumer OR community action OR Community-action Drug use* OR Using drugs OR drug-using OR drug using OR Substance use* OR substance-using OR substance using OR Drug abuse* OR drug-abusing OR Drug misuse* OR user* OR Substance abus* OR Substance-abusing OR Drug dependence OR Substance dependen* OR Addict* OR Drug addict* OR Injection adj2 use* OR Injection use* OR Drug injection* OR People adj2 inject OR People adj2 drugs OR Intravenous adj2 use* OR Intravenous adj2 abuse* OR illicit adj2 use* OR Illicit drug* OR Illicit use* OR PWUID OR PWUID OR people adj2 crack OR Heroin use* OR Heroin-use* OR Heroin OR Crack use* OR Crack-use* OR crack OR Cocaine us* OR Cocaine-using OR cocaine OR Meth use* OR meth OR Amphetamine us* OR Amphetamine-us* OR Amphetamine OR Street drug* OR Needle shar* OR Needle-shar* OR Needle-exchange OR Needle exchange OR Parenteral adj2 use* OR Drug overdos* OR overdos* OR Substance-related OR Substance related OR Drug-related OR Drug related Ethic* OR Ethics code OR Ethical Guidelines OR ethical standards OR ethical principles OR moral ethics OR Institutional ethics OR research ethics OR Bioethic* OR Best Practice* OR Conduct OR Code adj2 ethics OR Ethical issue* OR Responsibilit* OR Human Subjects OR Human Rights OR right* Ethic* adj2 research* OR Principle-based ethics OR prejudice OR stigma* disadvantage* OR marginal* OR discriminat* OR trust OR autonom* OR decision-mak* OR consent* OR confidential* OR legal liability OR financial compensation* OR incentive* OR reimbursement* OR recruitment