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Table 1 Participant characteristics and Twitter use patterns

From: Ethical issues in using Twitter for population-level depression monitoring: a qualitative study

Group Age Sex Twitter use
FG1: Control 27 M Professional, social interaction, venting
FG1: Control 22 M Professional
FG1: Control 26 F Following, social interaction
FG1: Control 19 M Following
FG1: Control 22 F Social interaction, following
FG2: Control 29 M Following
FG2: Control 21 F Social interaction
FG2: Control 21 F Professional
FG2: Control 40 F Following, social interaction
FG2: Control 24 M Professional, social interaction
FG3: Depression 29 M Professional, following
FG3: Depression 20 M Social interaction
FG3: Depression 29 M Social interaction, following
FG3: Depression 54 M Social interaction, following
FG4: Depression 42 M Professional
FG4: Depression 21 F Social interaction
FG4: Depression 23 M Following
FG4: Depression 33 M Social interactions, professional
FG5: Depression 20 F Following
FG5: Depression 18 M Following, professional, social interaction
FG5: Depression 30 M Following, venting
FG5: Depression 22 M Following, social interactions
FG5: Depression 22 M Professional, following
FG5: Depression 21 F Professional
FG5: Depression 24 F Social interactions
FG5: Depression 31 M Professional, social interactions