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Table 1 Each group comprises 1000 individuals. The groups saved will live an average of 86 years with a similar average quality of life. Those not saved will die within a short time-span. This is in line with the Global Burden of Disease

From: The badness of death and priorities in health

Group Age Moral principles
A 20-week fetuses YF FI    
B Infants YF FI GB   
C 5 years YF FI GB   
D 15 years   FI GB MF SV
E 30 years   FI GB MF SV
F 70 years      
  1. We note that this case of illustration contains several ceteris paribus claims. This is necessary in order to focus attention on how different moral principles work and guide our decisions about which lives to save
  2. Abbreviations: YF youngest first, MF modified youngest first, FI fair innings, SV societal value, GB greater benefit