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Table 1 Characteristics of companies included in the analysis

From: Family tree and ancestry inference: is there a need for a ‘generational’ consent?

Companies Ancestry services based on self-reported data Ancestry services based on a DNA sample Ancestry services based on self-reported data and a DNA sample Offers a Research Component in addition to other services
23andMe (23andMe Research)   
African Ancestry     
African DNA     
Ancestry by DNA     
AncestryDNAa (Ancestry Human Diversity Project)   
AncestryHealtha (Ancestry Human Diversity Project)    
DNA Testing Systems     
DNA Tribes     
Family Search    
Family Tree DNA (various projects)     
Find My Past    
Genes Reunited    
Oxford Ancestors     
Roots for Real     
The Genealogistb    
World Vital Recordsb,c    
  1. aAncestryDNA and AncestryHealth are subsidiaries of Ancestry
  2. bThese companies outsource DNA testing to other companies (FamilyLink, GENI and The Genealogist, World Vital Records use FTDNA; Archives use Ancestry; and MyHeritage uses FTDNA or 23andMe)
  3. cFamilyLink, GENI and World Vital Records are subsidiaries of MyHeritage