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Table 1 Respondents in the study

From: Qualitative insights into promotion of pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh: how ethical are the practices?

Data collection Sample
1. Observation (interactions between physicians and MRs) 16 observations
 a. Public & private institutes 4 Public Healthcare Institutions (medical college hospitals)
2 private healthcare facilities(doctor’s chamber/private clinic)
 b. Pharmacies/drug shops 10 Drug shops from each site
2. In-depth Interview  
 a. Authorities 5 Authorities(DGDA, BMDC, BIRDEM, Ibrahim Medical College, CAB)
 b. Doctors 14 Doctors
  • 3 upazila health complexes (1 from each site)
• 3 district hospitals (1 from each site)
• 3 divisional medical college hospitals (1 from
each site)
• 5 private healthcare facilities(doctors
chamber/private clinic, 1 from each division
 c. Pallichikitshoks (PCs, village doctors) 8 Pallichikitshoks (PCs, village doctors)
 d. MRs 11 MRs (Interviews wereconducted with MRs of variouspharmaceutical companies, both local and multinational)
3. Round-table discussion Participants from pharmaceutical companies:
13 participants (CEO, MD, ED, sales manager/senior marketing manager/Director Marketing, manager medical affairs etc.) from 10 renowned pharmaceutical companies
Other Participants:
2 academicians (asst. professor of pharmacy and PhD student, pharmaceutical law and marketing)