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Table 1 Topics for the interviews

From: Decision making on organ donation: the dilemmas of relatives of potential brain dead donors

nr Interview topics Conceptual background
  Introduction: the process before the request for donation; experiences of the proxies in the hospital  
1 Considerations to decide for donation on behalf of the potential donor Integrity, non-maleficence
2 The wishes of the potential donor concerning donation; the Dutch donor register Patient autonomy, self-determination
3 The wishes and opinions of the participant concerning donation (by themselves) Beneficence, justice, easy rescue, gift or sacrifice, solidarity, altruism
4 Need for coaching or (moral) counselling during the decision making process; wishes concerning the profile of the counsellor Vulnerability, crisis, moral distress
5 Review of the decision: peace of mind Dignity, respecting the deceased, pride in the decision
  Additional comments and evaluation of the interview