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Table 1 Inequitable health financing due to unequal budget allocations to health between Uganda and Kenya

From: Obligations of low income countries in ensuring equity in global health financing

Country Total domestic budget per capita (US$) Health expenditure as % of total budget per capita Absolute health expenditure per capita (US$) Global minimum Health Exp. (GMHE) (US$) Deficit to reach GMHE per capita (US$)
Uganda 152 7.4 11.25 60 48.75
Kenya 226 5.4 12.20 60 47.80
  1. Source: Constructed on the basis of figures from Uganda’s Health Sector Performance Report, 2012/13 and Kenya National Health Accounts 2009/10
  2. Total Budget Per Capita has been calculated using Actual Health Expenditure (from public domestic resources) for each country as a percentage of total domestic budgets (without external funds)