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Table 3 Reasons for supporting CHEO

From: The gene patent controversy on Twitter: a case study of Twitter users’ responses to the CHEO lawsuit against Long QT gene patents

Arguments supporting the CHEO hospital Number of tweets
 • Protect patient care (e.g., access to diagnostics) 57
 • It’s morally wrong to own/patent genes 19
 • Lawsuit can help clear confusion on gene patents 15
 • Saving $200,000 in health care cost annually 1
 • US gene test monopoly 1
Arguments against gene patents in principle  
 • Negative impact on patient care 25
 • It’s morally wrong to own gene patents, or patient sharing of life-saving information 23
 • Discovery of genes is not invention 13
 • Gene patents invalidated in the US 3
 • Patenting human genes is the same as owing humans 2
 • Genetic test monopoly 1