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Table 4 Role of CAB

From: Engaging with Community Advisory Boards (CABs) in Lusaka Zambia: perspectives from the research team and CAB members

Function Number of Responses Number of Research Team responses Number of CAB responses
Sensitize communities about the study 14 8 6
Function as a link between the community and the research team for information sharing and to improve the relationships 12 7 5
Review of proposal, questionnaire’s, draft study tools 10 6 4
Help to dispel rumours, clear misconceptions about the study, reduce stigma 8 4 4
Help in recruitment and mobilization of participants 3 2 1
Ensure protection of interests of the participants and that concerns are addressed 4 1 3
Help in improving retention of participants in the study 3 3  
Identify issues affecting participation in study, give advice on procedures 2 2