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Table 1 An example of the ‘Benchmarks’ Linked to a ‘Principle’ in the old framework

From: Innovations in research ethics governance in humanitarian settings

Principle Benchmarks
Collaborative Partnership 1) Engage in partnership with national and/or international research institutions as relevant and appropriate.
2) Collaborate with local and national researchers and health policymakers to share responsibilities for determining the importance of health problem, assessing the value of the research, planning, conducting, and overseeing the research, and integrating the research into the health system.
3) Respect the community’s values, culture, traditions, and social practices.
4) Involve the community in which the study takes place (hereinafter referred to as “study community”) through a consultative process in designing the research, in its implementation (advice on problems occurring during study, feedback of intermediate results) and in assessing how research results may be made beneficial.
5) Contribute to developing the capacity for researchers and health policymakers to become full and equal partners in the research enterprise.
6) Share fairly the financial and other rewards of the research.