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Table 1 Requirements for an information leaflet

From: Informed consent in Sri Lanka: A survey among ethics committee members

Main themes mentioned by respondents Frequency Percent
Description of the research project -What one is doing 19 65.5%
Potential risks involved in participating 14 48.3%
Possible benefits of the research project to participant or community 14 48.3%
Methodology -How you're doing it 13 44.8%
Right to withdraw from the research at any time without giving reasons 13 44.8%
Objectives -Why it is done 10 34.5%
Statement assuring voluntary nature of participation 10 34.5%
Assurance of confidentiality 9 31.0%
Stating that refusal to participate will not affect the clinical care 7 24.1%
If any illness that may require intervention is identified, what would be the follow-up action 5 17.2%
Title of the research project 4 13.8%
Who the researchers are 4 13.8%
Contact details of the researchers 4 13.8%
What is expected from research participants 3 10.3%
The time expected to be spent participating in the research 2 6.9%
The source of funding 2 6.9%
Introduction about the research 1 3.4%
Statement saying that it is a research project 1 3.4%