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Table 1 Methods of clinical ethics research

From: Clinical ethics revisited

   → Philosophy (e.g., How should decisions on setting priorities be made legitimate
  and fair?)
   → Theology (e.g., What Catholic values should guide decisions on setting priorities
  in Catholic hospitals?)
   → Law (e.g., What practices in setting priorities in a regional health authority might
  constitute discrimination?)
   → Policy (e.g., What policy should governments follow in funding new technologies
  in medicine?)
   → Social sciences (e.g., How do regional health authorities in developing countries
  make decisions on setting priorities?)
   → Decision analysis (e.g., How do you trade-off considerations of equity and
  efficiency in decisions on setting priorities?)
   → Clinical epidemiology (e.g., What are the criteria used to allocate liver
   → Health services research (e.g., How does the delivery of cardiac surgery vary by
  patient gender or ethnicity?)