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Table 1 Summary of emerging themes

From: “It Was the Best Decision of My Life”: a thematic content analysis of former medical tourists’ patient testimonials

Theme number Main emerging theme Number of videos referring to this theme Total frequency of mentions of themes
1 Quality and availability of surgeon or other health care professional (e.g. Dentist) 17 42
2 Quality and Friendliness of Support Staff (e.g. Nurses, Front Desk, etc.) 14 22
3 Mentioned Surgeon or other main Health Care Professional by name 7 12
4 Reference to Facilitator Company they may have used: 18 44
4a a.) Appreciation toward company 12 16
4b b.) Reference to representative/guide’s help 8 25
4c c.) Company took care of everything 10 25
5 Sense of Security/ Worry taken away/All Questions answered 11 35
6 Reference to Quality and Expediency of Care 14 34
7 Price of Procedure/Cost savings 13 21
8 Impacts of Surgery on Holiday/Tourist Activities 4 7
9 Reference to general cleanliness and high-tech services provided by the hotel/accommodations and the clinic/hospital 16 32
10 Would recommend to prospective Medical Tourists 14 19