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Table 5 Summary of interview methods and respondents

From: When they see us, it’s like they have seen the benefits!”: experiences of study benefits negotiations in community-based studies on the Kenyan Coast

Interview type Respondents
In-depth interviews (IDI) 6 IDIs with RSV-study researchers, two each with PI, Study coordinator, Senior FW
1 IDI with one FW in the Malaria-study
Natural group discussions 5 Natural (household) group discussions with 16 adults participating in the RSV-study
Focus group discussions (FGD) 3 FGDs with 10 FWs in the RSV-study (one group interviewed twice)
3 FGDs with 26 Field workers in the Malaria-study
4 FGDs with 24 participants (grouped per gender) in the Malaria-study
1 FGD with 5 SFW in the Malaria-study
  1. Box 1: Explanation in informed consent forms (ICFs) about benefits2 Name of vaccine cannot be disclosed as permission not granted by the pharmaceutical company to do so.