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Table 5 Reasons for discarding items

From: Outcomes of Moral Case Deliberation - the development of an evaluation instrument for clinical ethics support (the Euro-MCD)

Reasons for discarding items Examples of discarded items
Not relevant enough for MCD Reduce feelings of bad conscience
Diminish fear of legal liability
Too unspecific; not possible to categorise to only one domain Strengthen confidence to see a way out
Improve ability to prioritise between clinical tasks in an ethical way
Too vague Improve quality of care in patient cases
Become aware of the tension between my personal values and actual behaviour
Too abstract Enhance moral sensitivity
Enhance knowledge of virtue ethics (such as courage, tolerance, compassion, honesty, humility)
Too academic Know how to differentiate between ethical issues and other issues (such as psychological or legal)
Enhance knowledge how to apply the four ethical principles: respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice