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Table 6 Questions used to calculate ICAS

From: Evaluating the quality of informed consent and contemporary clinical practices by medical doctors in South Africa: An empirical study

A. Information disclosure: ICAS Score
What information do you routinely provide to your patients?   
  Yes No
Diagnosis 1 0
Treatment options 1 0
Recommended treatment 1 0
Risks of refusing recommended treatment 1 0
General risks 1 0
Benefits 1 0
Right of refusal 1 0
B. Capacity/Competence   
Do you routinely assess the competence of your patients to consent to treatment? 1 0
Do you generally presume that your patients have the capacity to consent to treatment? 1 0
C. Voluntariness   
Do you allow your patients to choose a procedure or particular treatment? 1 0
D. Understanding   
Do you think your patients understand the explanations given to them? 1 0
E. Consent or agreement   
Do you think the information you provide is sufficient to procure valid informed consent? 1 0
Total: Informed consent aggregate score (ICAS) 12 0
  1. Note: The question about cost of medical treatment is excluded from this ICAS calculation in this cohort because the cost of healthcare services public in hospitals is free