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Table 3 Editors’ reports on their journals’ management of consent forms

From: Obtaining subjects’ consent to publish identifying personal information: current practices and identifying potential issues

Questions Number of responses Percentage
Time to submit signed consent forms   
  When manuscript is submitted 18 78.3
  When manuscript is accepted 2 8.7
  After manuscript acceptance and before publication 1 4.3
  Other 2 8.7
Period of storage of signed consent forms   
  Until the obtainment of consent is confirmed 2 8.7
  Until the manuscript is formally accepted or rejected 0 0.0
  Until the manuscript is published 2 8.7
  Until a certain period of time after publication* 6 26.1
  Indefinitely** 13 56.5
Reasons for requiring submission of consent forms (multiple answers possible)   
  To confirm the receipt of written consent 21  
  To confirm the contents of the consent form 11  
  Other 3  
  1. Note: Survey responses represented 23 journals.
  2. *Each of the following responses was given once: 1 year, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 10 years, no answer.
  3. **Four of these respondents said their journals stored electronic versions.