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Table 2 Journals’ specific instructions for authors on consent

From: Obtaining subjects’ consent to publish identifying personal information: current practices and identifying potential issues

Descriptions regarding the content of consent Number of journals giving the instruction
Subjects allowed to review the manuscript before submission 37
Permission for non-paper-based publication (distribution online and through other media) 21
Permission for reproduction 3
Statement regarding the potential effects of subject identification 2
Statement that signed consent forms will be submitted to publishers 1
Consequences if consent forms are not provided  
Anonymizing or removing identifying information contained in the article, or not publishing it 86
Independently considering the possibility of publishing the article without consent forms 8*
Requiring a statement giving reasons for the unavailability of consent or the inappropriateness of obtaining it 4
Requiring a statement giving reasons for the unavailability of consent and confidentiality procedures 2
Requiring the submission of documents specifying the responsibility of an ethics committee, clinicians, or people in equivalent positions for the article’s publication 2
  1. Note: A total of 491 journals’ instructions to authors were reviewed.
  2. *Seven journals left open the possibility of publishing such manuscripts without relatives’ consent when it is difficult to reach them after subjects’ deaths.