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Table 5 Certainty and uncertainty

From: How is organ transplantation depicted in internal medicine and transplantation journals

Sources of uncertainty "The immediate implications of the data on ABO-incompatible heart transplantation in infants are uncertain" [71].
"Information regarding their prognosis (i.e., predicted survival without transplant and recommendations for timing of listing are starting to emerge, although considerable uncertainty remains" [72].
"Some patients may prefer early resolution of uncertainty to delay, especially if knowing the outcome of the allocation process changes their time horizon with respect to financial decisions" [61].
Sources of certainty "There are a number of ways to approach diagnosis of the noncompliance syndrome, but the only certainty comes from direct patient admission of nonadherence to the prescribed immunosuppression" [74].
"Therefore, whereas 20 years ago death was a near certainty without a transplant, and any length of survival after heart transplantation was regarded as a bonus, in the present era some patients potentially have a similar prognosis with alternative treatments" [63].