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Table 1 Table of sources

From: Challenges in biobank governance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Organisation/Country Code/Legislation/Guideline Topics covered
OECD OECD Guidelines on Human Biobanks and Genetic Research Databases (2009) Privacy, confidentiality, informed consent, re-contact, re-consent
World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki Informed consent, re-contact, re-consent
South Africa National Health Act 2003 Informed consent, confidentiality, exporting/importing samples
Department of Health: Ethics in Health Research: Principle, Structures and processes Secondary use of samples, informed consent, re-contact, re-consent, waiving of consent, confidentiality
Nigeria National Health Research Ethics Committee of Nigeria (NHREC) National Code of Health Research Ethics 2007 Export/Importing of samples, MTAs
Kenya National Council for Science and Technology Guidelines for Ethical Conduct of Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects in Kenya (2004) Informed consent, re-contact, re-consent
Botswana Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures for Review of Biomedical and Bio-behavioural research in Botswana Informed consent, export/importing of samples/MTAs
The Gambia Guidelines of the National DNA bank, The Gambia (2001) Confidentiality, coding, anonymisation, informed consent, re-contact, re-consent
Uganda Uganda National Council for Science and Technology National Guidelines for Research Involving Humans as Research Participants 2007 Informed consent, confidentiality, future use of samples, export/importing of samples, MTAs
Zambia The National Research Act 2013 Informed consent, export/importing of samples, MTAs
Ethiopia Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission National Health Science and Technology Council, National Research Ethics Review Guideline 2005 Export/importing of samples, MTAs
Malawi National Health Sciences Research Committee, Policy Requirements, Procedures and Guidelines for the Conduct and Review of Human Genetic Research in Malawi (Sept 2012) Export/importing of samples, MTAs
Tanzania Human DNA Regulation Act 2009 Informed consent
Sudan National Guidelines for Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects (2008) Informed consent, confidentiality, privacy, secondary use of samples