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Table 3 Characteristics of the newspaper articles

From: News media coverage of euthanasia: a content analysis of Dutch national newspapers

  N = 134 %
Persons a  
Terminally ill persons 36
Older persons 24
Persons with dementia 16
Persons with a psychiatric disorder 9
Persons in a coma 5
Other persons 12
Not specified 32
Message of the article is supported by numbers 37
Organisations or associations used as sources a  
Political parties 22
‘Right to Die-NL’, advisory or executive organisations (Dignitas, Exit, De Einder) 20
Ministry/Public Prosecutor/Lower House 13
Medical professional associations 13
Support and Consultation for Euthanasia in the Netherlands (SCEN)b, Regional Review Committees for euthanasia 13
United Nations 11
Vatican, or other religious institutions 3
Patients’ or older persons’ associations 1
No organisations or associations cited 31
  1. aMore than one possibility per article.
  2. bProfessional organisation that can be consulted for advise about euthanasia, one of the procedural requirements for legal euthanasia in the Netherlands.