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Table 2 Examples of use of the term ‘euthanasia’ for practices outside the scope of the euthanasia Law

From: News media coverage of euthanasia: a content analysis of Dutch national newspapers

Theme Example
Forgoing life prolonging treatments The euthanasia of Eluana Englaro in Italy has led to much commotion. Premier Silvio Berlusconi tried two weeks ago at the very last minute to prevent the dehydration of the woman by submitting a provisional law. (De Telegraaf, 28-2-2009)
Active ending of life without request of the patient Guidelines euthanasia babies under debate (Trouw, 3-12-2009)
Killing of animals Almost two hundred chinchillas in the unique shelter of Vida Nueva in Musselkanaal will soon get an injection if thousands of dollars are not made available before the 23rd of July. This is desperately needed to provide for their care. Administrator Ellen Mulder is desperate: "Euthanasia is perhaps the most animal-friendly resolution when there is no other solution”. (De Telegraaf, 20-05-2009)
Metaphor Minister Donner (of Social affairs and Employment) […] thinks it should be possible to pay older employees less allowances. This debate, however, evokes negative feelings. If you, as an employer, practice demotion, you practice -as it were- 'workability euthanasia'. (NRC Handelsblad, 10-12-2009)