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Table 3 Suggestions on how to improve accessibility and comprehensibility of the online module based on Nigerian code for health research ethics

From: Development and pilot testing of an online module for ethics education based on the Nigerian National Code for Health Research Ethics

Item Suggestions to improve comprehensibility Frequency of respondents
1. Design programs and training to create awareness about the Code 26
2. Provide hardcopies of Nigerian Code for researchers 16
3. Add to the curriculum for undergraduate education in Nigeria and make bioethics a core undergraduate course 10
4. Module is voluminous and so should be shortened 6
5. Highlight key issues and definitive statements of interest 4
6. Add more examples and illustrations including pictorial presentations 4
7. Add more information on roles of PIs 4
8. Make webpage more friendly 2
9. Include case scenarios in the module 2
Item Suggestions to improve accessibility Frequency of respondents
1. Adequate internet connectivity 12
2. Recommend the module for tertiary institutions in Nigeria 10
3. Provides link for the module on Federal Ministry of Health website 6
4. Make the log in procedure easier for researchers 5
5. Develop a separate website for training on the Nigerian Code 4
6. Encourage computer literacy 2