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Table 1 Case study details

From: Benefits and payments for research participants: Experiences and views from a research centre on the Kenyan coast

Study Overall duration Start date Study participant duration Targeted participants Description of study Study site
Perfusion study (PS) 2 years July 2008 2-6 months 400 children · A RCT, severely ill, admitted with shock. Venous blood draws: admission, 8 hrs, 24 hrs& 48 hrs Hospital
· Follow up (f/up) day 28/60 after discharge
TB study 2 years Sep 2009 6 months 1500 children · Severely ill, inpatient children with suspected TB. All children managed using WHO standards. Hospital
· Venous blood samples taken; 1 or 2 f/ups decided upon by clinician
Respiratory infections I (RSV I) 4 months Jan 2009 Approx 20-30mins 400 children · Study to evaluate nasopharyngeal sampling tool Community Health Centre
· Nasal samples collected using swabs/nasal wash
Malaria Vaccine (MV) 3 years Jan 2009 3 years 1000 children · A large Multicenter Vaccine trial. Trial vaccines injected 3 different times; 5 venous blood draws. Community
· F/ups at homes every 6 days after injections; monthly follow up between injections
Immunology (Immuno) 5 years 2006 5 years 5000 children · Cohort study of natural malaria immunity in children, recruited at birth Community
· 1 annual blood draw but a 5 ml sample at any fever event
Weekly f/up visits at homes by FWs.
Respiratory Infections II (RSV II) 4 months Oct 2009 4 months 50 household members · A study to identify pattern of infection Community
· Children who were born in previous epidemic and have elder sibling
· Nasal swabbing twice a week at participants’ homes; saliva samples once a week
HIV study (HIV) 10 years 2006 >2 years 30 · Men who have sex with men (MSM), enrolled in a longitudinal observational HIV study. Community
· F/ups: weekly-month 1, Bi-weekly-month 2, then monthly for minimum 2 years
· 50 ml blood drawn per f/up
Verbal autopsy (VA) >2 years July 2008 30-45 mins 1000 p.a. · Relatives of deceased persons interviewed (30-45mins) Community
·Interviews done at participants’ homes
  1. Key informant interviews (KIs)